5 Steps to Sales Success in 2020!

Create an action plan for 2020 that will help you reach your goals!

Join Best-selling author, Ginger Bell for a fast-paced webinar on how to create an action plan that will
produce results! A previous Dale Carnegie Training Consultant, Ginger brings her expertise in goal
setting and planning to help you create an action plan for 2020! In this webinar she will share how to:

1. Set Specific Goals
2. Create a Plan to Achieve Your Goals
3. Manage Your Time
4. Identify Areas for Improvement
5. Master the Discipline You Need to Stick to YOUR Plan!

If you cannot achieve your goals, there is a chance that you are not creating the correct goals.

Why? Because they don’t take the time to create an action plan to follow through!

Make a commitment this year to create goals that you can stick with and learn how to plan what you need to do to reach them!

Who Should Attend? Anyone wanting to create a plan and set goals that will stick!

Monday, January 20, 2020 at 11:00 AM (PST)

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