Two-X HBX is a mortgage solution for high balance loan amounts in counties currently restricted to conforming or high cost limits. Loan amounts between $484,351 and $726,525 no longer need to meet the requirements and pricing of Jumbo financing. With HBX, borrowers nationally can benefit from a high balance loan program with simplified credit guidelines.

At Finance of America Mortgage, we provide more options for homebuyers!

Program Details:
• LTVs to 90% with no Mortgage Insurance
• $200,000 minimum loan amount
• Credit Scores as low as 660
• Up to $726,525 maximum loan amount for 1 unit
• Up to $930,300 maximum loan amount for 2 unit
• 30 year fixed
• Primary Residence and Second Homes
• Up to 43% DTI
• Available in all states (purchase only in Texas)
• 1-2 units, PUD and warrantable condos

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