B.Y.O.B. Power Workshop

Whether you are an existing business owner, looking to become a business owner or just want to think like a business owner, you will want to attend the BYOB Power Workshop! This Power Packed Session will highlight what you need to build your business! We’ve pulled some of the best in the business together for this action packed session.

Join Ginger Bell, Education Specialist, Go2training as she leads this fast paced discussion with Jim Dunkerley, President, FirstFunding, Terri Buckman, Senior Vice President, Finance of America Mortgage Wholesale, Garrett Griffin, National Non-Delegated Sales Manager, Finance of America Mortgage and Philip Villasana, President, Focus Fulfillment. As a bonus session, join Josh Craig, Vice President of Finance of America Commercial Wholesale, as he shares Commercial products designed specifically for investors.

Thursday, November 9, 2017
from 9:00 am to 11:30 am (PST)
Continental Breakfast included

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Here’s what you’ll learn by attending this workshop:

Build Your Own Bank

  • Top Benefits to Owning Your Independent Origination Business Model (It’s not as hard or scary as you think.)
  • Turnkey Technology Solutions That Give You Control and Peace Of Mind (Yes, you can own a mortgage company and sleep at night.)
  • Real World Strategies to Managing Processes, Compliance, And Scalability (Think like a McDonald’s franchisee.)

Brand Your Own Business

  • Top Ways to Build Your Brand Online, Inline And Above The Line (This will be a rapid-fire session filled with tons of stuff you don’t do and should be doing and totally worth your time!!!)
  • How to Use Customer Testimonials to Build Your Following (Yep, that means you should be doing this.)
  • Branding with Local HR Departments to Build Solid Corporate Referral Partners (We are not beyond bribery, so the first 20 people who are in their seats will get a really cool slidedeck to use to build a Corporate Referral Business Model in their city.)

Become Your Own Boss

  • 5 Steps to Being a Successful BOSS (Hey, even if you are already your own boss, you can still learn some great tips to being a great CEO of your company, department or life!)
  • Practical Guide to Getting Your Business Off the Ground (We’re not going to get you on the plane, but we will tell you where the airport is and how to get there.)

Broadcast Your Originator Business!

  • Media Leveraging Tips to Get Free Publicity for Your Business (It’s all about a good story and you don’t have to be Mark Twain to write one…we’ll teach you 3 quick tips you can start using today….or tomorrow for you procastinators.)
  • Google, Linkedin and other Social Media Strategies that Work (Ok, so you don’t love social media, but you gotta do it, so , join us to learn some automation strategies as well as some cool video tips that even the least tech savvy person can use.)


Finance of America Commercial Product Overview

Loans designed specifically for investors:

  • Fix and Flip Financing
    • Lines of credit up to $100 million
    • Starting at industry leading 6.99%
    • Up to 90% of acquisition cost
    • Up to 95% of rehab cost
    • Up to 75% LTV
  • New Construction
    • Loan amounts up to $3 million
    • Up to 75% of land value
    • Up to 95% of construction cost
    • Up to 75% LTV
  • Rental Properties
    • No personal income required
    • No tax returns
    • No property count max
    • 80% max purchase LTV